CTO is a long-standing brand of excellence in the international shipping industry. It was founded in Milan, in 1974 by Mr. Francesco S. Uria with the name of "Compagnia Trasporti Oltremare", an exotic Italian name remembering the trades of the old merchant ships.

Since the very beginning. CTO's DNA is the natural easiness to operate in the world as only playground, developing international tailor-made solutions to our clients, with dedication, passion and flexibility.

In over four decades the Group has intensified its activities by opening its own infrastructures abroad, first in the Far East region in the 80s and 90s and subsequently in South America, expanding in Europe and in Australia.

Today the Group boasts a widespread presence in every continent with its own facilities and strategic partners.

...through innovation

Throughout the four decades of operations, CTO has been through all the changes of the global trade, developing modern work processes through IT and digitalization to simplify and facilitate real-time communications with our customers and partners. without losing our roots and tradition of passion to quality and efficiency.

  • 1974 - Italy

  • 1980 - Hong Kong

  • 1986 - China

  • 1998 - Korea

  • 2005 - Germany

  • 2009 - Brazil

  • 2016 - Australia

  • 2019 - Malaysia


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